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iTechStyle Summit 2019

Venue & Travel

Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal
Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal
Rua do Godinho, Porto

The Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal is one of the city’s iconic buildings, significantly marking the landscape and has been the target of several international architectural awards.

How to arrive

Below you can find the coordinates and means to arrive at the venue.

Coordinates 41° 10' 38.1" N, 8° 42' 6.804" W
Railway Station
Public Transportation
Metro Information
Taxis Central
+351 22 507 6400 / +351 912 301 251 / +351 934 772 173 / +351 968 520 063

The city of Porto, bordered by the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe. Porto’s Historical Centre was classified as “World Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO, in 1996. The richness of its monumental and artistic heritage, Port wine, numerous leisure facilities and its cultural attractions are just some of the reasons to visit this contemporary and inspired city, well-known for its hospitality.


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